meanwell selection guide

Series Model Range Output Power Range Output Ampere Rating Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Range Price Starting From Efficiency Range Features
LRS LRS-50-12 50W 2.1A 85V-264V 12V Starting from $XX.XX Up to 90% Low profile, economical, adjustable output
  LRS-50-24       24V      
  LRS-100-12 100W 4.2A          
  LRS-150-12 150W 6.3A          
  LRS-350-12 350W 14.6A          
EDR EDR-75-24 75W 3.1A 88V-264V 24V Starting from $XX.XX Up to 93% Built-in active PFC, compact design
  EDR-120-24 120W 5.0A          
  EDR-240-24 240W 10.0A          
NDR NDR-120-24 120W 5.0A 90V-264V 24V Starting from $XX.XX Up to 92% Ultra slim design, fanless, adjustable
  NDR-240-24 240W 10.0A          
  NDR-480-24 480W 20.0A          
TDR TDR-240-12 240W 20.0A 88V-264V 12V Starting from $XX.XX Up to 90% High efficiency, low profile, adjustable
  TDR-240-24       24V      
MDR MDR-20-12 20W 1.7A 90V-264V 12V Starting from $XX.XX Up to 87% Compact size, economical, lightweight
  MDR-20-24       24V      
HDR HDR-15-12 15W 1.3A 180V-550V 12V Starting from $XX.XX Up to 84% Compact DIN rail mount, industrial grade
  HDR-15-24       24V