Collection: Din Rail Mounted Power Supply

The Meanwell DIN mounted power supply is a reliable and efficient power source engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial, manufacturing, and automation environments. This compact and sturdy device is designed for easy installation on DIN rails, making it a convenient solution for powering a wide range of electronic and electrical equipment.

Key Features:

  1. DIN Rail Mounting: This power supply is specifically designed for easy installation on DIN rails commonly found in control panels and enclosures, saving space and simplifying setup.

  2. Wide Input Voltage Range: Meanwell DIN mounted power supplies are engineered to accept a wide input voltage range, allowing for flexible adaptation to different power sources and electrical systems.

  3. High Efficiency: With high efficiency ratings, these power supplies help reduce energy consumption, minimize heat generation, and extend the lifespan of connected equipment.

  4. Short Circuit and Overload Protection: Built-in short circuit and overload protection safeguards your equipment from potential damage due to electrical faults.

  5. Reliability: Meanwell is a well-known brand in the power supply industry, and their products are renowned for their reliability and durability, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your critical systems.

  6. Compact Design: The compact and space-saving design makes it suitable for installation in limited spaces, such as control cabinets and enclosures.

  7. Wide Range of Output Voltages: These power supplies offer a variety of output voltage options to suit the requirements of different applications.

  8. LED Status Indicators: Convenient LED status indicators provide visual feedback on the operational status of the power supply.


  • Industrial Automation: Ideal for powering PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), sensors, and other automation equipment.
  • Manufacturing: Used in manufacturing facilities to power machinery, conveyors, and control systems.
  • Control Panels: Commonly integrated into control panels for various industries, ensuring stable power for critical systems.
  • Telecommunications: Suitable for powering networking equipment, servers, and communication systems.
  • LED Lighting: Used in LED lighting applications for consistent and efficient power distribution.

The Meanwell DIN mounted power supply is a trusted choice for engineers and technicians seeking a dependable and space-efficient solution to power their industrial and automation equipment. Its robust design and comprehensive protection features ensure the safety and reliability of your critical systems in various applications.

Please note that the specific features and specifications of a Meanwell DIN mounted power supply may vary depending on the model and product series. It's essential to review the product documentation and datasheets for detailed technical information when selecting the right power supply for your application.