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High quality Micro Switch IT-02, Replacement for Z-15gw-b and CM-1701

High quality Micro Switch IT-02, Replacement for Z-15gw-b and CM-1701

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The I-Tech IT-02 is a versatile and reliable limit switch designed for use in various industrial and automation applications. As a fundamental component of control systems, this limit switch is engineered to detect the presence, absence, or position of objects within a specific range, enabling precise control and safety in mechanical and electrical systems.

Key Features and Functions:

  1. Actuation Mechanism: The I-Tech IT-02 limit switch features a carefully designed actuator, which, when engaged, triggers the switch. This actuator can come in various forms, including levers, rollers, plungers, or other mechanical elements, depending on the specific application requirements.

  2. Contact Configuration: These switches are available in different contact configurations, such as normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), or changeover (SPDT). The choice of configuration depends on the intended use and how the switch behaves when actuated.

  3. Precision Position Sensing: The IT-02 is engineered to provide accurate and reliable position sensing. It can detect the position of moving components within machinery, ensuring that these components stop, change direction, or trigger specific actions as needed.

  4. Mechanical Durability: This limit switch is designed to endure repeated mechanical actuations, making it suitable for applications that require long-term reliability and performance.

  5. Environmental Protection: Depending on the application, the IT-02 may be designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. It can be sealed or constructed to protect against dust, moisture, and other contaminants.

  6. Safety Applications: In industrial settings, I-Tech IT-02 limit switches play a critical role in safety systems. They are often used to ensure that machinery stops or takes specific actions to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.


  • Conveyor Systems: The IT-02 limit switch is commonly employed to detect the presence of objects on conveyor belts, facilitating efficient and safe material handling.

  • Machine Tools: In machine tools, these switches control the movement and positioning of cutting tools, ensuring precision and accuracy in manufacturing processes.

  • Automated Manufacturing: Assembly lines and manufacturing processes use limit switches to control robotic movements and ensure consistent and accurate product assembly.

  • Elevators and Lifts: Limit switches are integral components in elevator systems, determining stopping positions and preventing overtravel to ensure passenger safety.

  • Process Control: Various industrial processes leverage limit switches to control valves, gates, and other equipment, contributing to efficient process control.

  • Security Systems: In security systems, these switches are used to detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, and access control points.

The I-Tech IT-02 limit switch is a dependable choice for engineers and technicians seeking a robust solution for position sensing and control in industrial and automation applications. Its durability and precision make it an essential component in a wide range of systems, enhancing safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

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