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i-tech Micro Switch IT-08(replacement for z15gdb cm1306)

i-tech Micro Switch IT-08(replacement for z15gdb cm1306)

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The I-Tech IT-08 is a miniature snap action limit switch. It's a small and reliable switch commonly used in various industrial, commercial, and even home appliance applications. Here's a detailed description:

**Key Features:**

* **Type:** Snap action limit switch (also known as microswitch)
* **Contact Configuration:** Typically Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT), offering Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) contacts
* **Operating force:** Low operating force, typically around 0.2N to 1.5N
* **Electrical rating:**
* Rated voltage: 230V AC
* Rated current: Depends on specific model, but commonly 10A to 15A
* **Mechanical life:** Up to 5 million cycles
* **Electrical life:** Up to 500,000 cycles
* **Operating temperature:** Wide range, typically -40°C to +85°C
* **Enclosure:** IP65 rated, dustproof and water resistant
* **Mounting:** Variety of mounting options available, depending on the model


* Industrial machinery and equipment
* Medical devices
* Home appliances (洗濯机,refrigerators, etc.)
* Security systems
* Robotics
* And many more

**Additional notes:**

* The IT-08 is a versatile switch with various configurations and options available. Be sure to consult the datasheet for the specific model you're interested in for detailed specifications and dimensions.
* Several manufacturers produce IT-08-compatible switches. While they may share similar characteristics, there could be slight variations in specifications and dimensions.
* When choosing an IT-08 switch, consider factors like the required operating force, electrical rating, operating temperature, and mounting.

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