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Jzv-2 under over voltage protection single phase

Jzv-2 under over voltage protection single phase

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Under plus over voltage protection, single phase. 63A

About this item

  • Why do you need this?- To protect your home appliance from damage due to sudden voltage and current fluctuations
  • Multi-Protection: -This product cover all three protection range i,e Over voltage, under voltage and over load protection with action time of 0.1 sec.
  • Range: - Over voltage protection ranging 230~300V, under voltage protection ranging 145~210V and over current protection ranging 1~63A.
  • Auto Reconnect: - In case of voltage fluctuations, the device instantly cut off the power supply. When supply is back to normal, the device automatically reconnect supply within 1~500 sec (adjustable)
  • Adjustable: - You can adjust reconnect time and cut of values as per your requirement.
  • Note:- Maximum sustainable voltage of this device is 440V. In case of surge this product will destroy itself without damaging your appliances. Your appliances will safe.


Technical Specs:

Rated operating voltage:220VAC 50HZ
Pole: 1P+N
Rated operating current :1A-63A adjustable (default 63A)
Undervoltage action cut-off value:210V-145V(default 170V)
Overvoltage action cut off value:230V-300V (default 270V)
Limit current Protection: Depends on Rated current
Power delay after power off :30s (0-180S)
Own power consumption: less 2W
Trip time: 1-30s(Default:0.55s)
Recovery time: 1-500s(Default:5s)
Electrical machinery life: More than 100,000 times
Working temperature range:-5 ~ 45C
Relative humidity:45 ~ 90% RH 40C
Altitude: Less than 2000m
Degree of protection: IP 20
Installation: 35mm DIN Rail 
Mechanical durability:1000000 cycles
Dielectric strength:>2kVAC 1min
Dimensions (H x W x D):80X43X54mm Mounting:35mm DIN rail 

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